<h2><a href='http://www.dynamicspecialty.com/store/category/tour-shuttle/'>Bus Sales + Service</a></h2><p>We are Western Canada's largest supplier of small to mid-size buses.</p> <h2><a href='http://www.dynamicspecialty.com/pages/blue-bird/'>THE NEWEST ADDITION TO OUR FLEET</a></h2><p>We're now the Official Blue Bird Distributor for BC and the Yukon. Find out more.</p> <h2><a href='http://www.dynamicspecialty.com/pages/our-team/'>WE'RE HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL</a></h2><p>Since 1987 we've delivered more than 3600 Vehicles to all corners of Western Canada.</p> <h2><a href='http://www.dynamicspecialty.com/pages/service-you-can-trust/'>Dynamic Service</a></h2><p>When we deliver a bus, we see it as the beginning of a relationship.</p> <h2><a href='http://www.dynamicspecialty.com/pages/arboc-mobility/'>Top-of-the-line Models</a></h2><p>We carry one-of-a kind versions of the best makes and models on the market.</p> <h2><a href='http://www.dynamicspecialty.com/pages/our-team/' class='video'>A Simple Promise</a></h2><p>At Dynamic it's all about the right people, the right bus.</p>

Bus Sales BC & Yukon

We're proud to offer the widest selection of custom-built buses for sale in British Columbia and the Yukon. Dynamic Specialty provides quality new & used buses of many of the top makes and models. View the video below or
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Blue Bird Logo


Dynamic Specialty Vehicles is pleased to announce a distribution partnership with Blue Bird Corporation - Dynamic is now the sole distributor of Blue Bird School Buses for British Columnbia and the Yukon.

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Find The Right Vehicle

Dynamic Specialty bridges the gap between leading bus manufacturers like Arboc Mobility, Eldorado National, Goshen Coach, Girardin Minibus, Turtle Top, Malley Industries and you - vehicle operators who need the right equipment for the job. Whether it be a new bus or a used bus in BC or the Yukon, we've got you covered. Narrow your search below:

Ask A Bus Expert

It's on the lot and available today - the NEW ARBOC LOW-FLOOR BUS! Features include wheelchair and passenger access through the front, low-floor design and no stairs. Read about the manufacturer, take a look at the spec sheet and call us for a test-drive today!